Yabu Kota as Yamane Takehiko (White Lab)

Yuzuru Hanyu meets the Emperor and Empress of Japan [x]


[K the 4koma] 30. The Location for Flower Viewing?

Akira: Fushimi-saaan! From now on let’s go flower viewing together!
Tatsuya: Wai- Hidaka! Saying that out of the blue is rude!
Saruhiko: Ah…?

Saruhiko: I refuse… going outside just for this is troublesome.
Akira: That aside, let’s just go!

Reisi: Ho… in that case, if it is not outside, then it’s fine?
Akira & Tatsuya: Captain!?

Reisi: As expected, flower viewing is great isn’t it.
Saruhiko: … Why did it turn out like this…


"I really don’t want to watch this." [x]



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"I took up skating because of him. I respect and admire him dearly. All I can say to him is, ‘thank you for all the moving performances over the years.’ " 

-Yuzuru Hanyu (quote via bambiharmony)

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